Mr. Dahle Goes to St. Paul



I’ve been out door knocking and listening to what voters have to say about issues like education, health care, and the environment. I welcome you to e-mail me, or call 651.296.1279. I’d like to hear more of your thoughts and concerns. 

I believe it is important to provide adequate education for Minnesota children.

We need to take a critical look at how we fund education.   Minnesota schools are struggling with limited resources and an antiquated system of funding.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, and investing in them is an investment in our own future.

Health care:

Hard working Minnesotans are having a hard time paying for health care costs. Premiums are increasing at an annual rate of 16%. Employers and employees shouldn’t have to make painful decisions about health care.

We need to take a sensible approach to limiting these increases by creating efficient and practical employee health pools, and the path to this affordable health care begins at the state level.


The next generations should inherit a beautiful Minnesota. It’s time to protect our environment by demanding higher standards and a cleaner quality of life. We need to protect our wetlands and preserve our clean air and water with sensible solutions.