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Thank You!

January 04, 2008 By: Kevin Dahle Category: Kevin Dahle MN Senate District 25 No Comments →

I have told the story before but I feel it is worth repeating.  My wife Beth has asked me, “How are we going to thank everyone for what they have done for us?” My reply to her is that the people who supported my run for this seat, including the 55.15% of the voters who filled in the oval next to my name didn’t do this for me.  This is about much more than “Kevin Dahle”.  This election is about doing better for the people of District 25 and for Minnesota. This victory was about YOU!  Thanks for every ounce of effort in this special election.  During this weekend I am going to spend time with my family, get some rest, and then start my transition to represent ALL of the 70,000+ people of District 25.  I am honored, humbled, and determined to be YOUR Senator.