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June 2012

Elko New Market

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Theresa Marie Drive, Dorothy Lane, Francis Lane, Tammy Drive, Jean Way, and Holly Court.  It’s not very often we visit a city with streets named after women, but Elko New Market pays tribute to more than the usual avenues of Presidents, trees, letters, and numbers I usually walk as I hit the doors while campaigning.  I was happy to visit this town of just over 4000, the newest addition to Senate District 20.  While this particular “new neighborhood” offered few mature trees as shade on a hot and steamy Saturday, the people I visited offered a friendly face and an appreciation for the brief visit as I introduced myself and my campaign.  Understandably, many people are still undecided about who they might vote for in an election nearly 5 months away.  But others are quick to offer an assessment on the current state of affairs.  As one gentleman put it, “You know the current legislature is pretty screwed up?” I paused for a second and offered a response before I headed off to the next house, “I guess that’s why I am running.   I would appreciate your support.”