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May 2012

Unanimous Endorsement from the New SD20

By | Kevin Dahle MN Senate District 20 | No Comments

Last night I gave an acceptance speech after being endorsed by the DFL party at the Minnesota Senate District 20 endorsing convention.  I am humbled and honored to get another chance to represent the good people of SD20.  Here is a partial excerpt from that speech.

…I am proud of the fact that it was constituents who guided my thinking while in the Minnesota Senate.  Not a party playbook.  Not the American Legislative Exchange Council.  It was people like you and your neighbors.
All across the district, they all have a story to tell:  fire fighters, police officers, librarians, social workers, outdoorsmen,, environmentalists, farmers, students, the elderly.  They all want to know that they will be heard, that their voice will count.
While I reaffirm my commitment to the party, I pledge to do my best to represent all Minnesotans, Republicans and Democrats, Independents, and others.  When we stop working together, our legislature becomes a haven for special interests and personal agendas.
We can do better …
We can do better.  For our children and our schools… let’s stop balancing the budget on the backs of our schools. It’s time we fully fund all-day kindergarten.  It’s time we stop short changing our colleges and universities.  Let’s invest in our future by making college affordable.  If people want to talk about education reform, how about asking those that really know about education….our teachers.  
We can do better.  We talk about wanting quality health care, yet over 400,000 Minnesotans go without.  I believe in a universal single payer health plan and the sooner the better.  
We can do better…for the environment.  Because we actually believe in the overwhelming data scientists have given us about climate change.  We can keep the vision alive for investments in renewable energy and less dependency on oil and coal.  
WE can do better…  than pandering to corporate America.  I am all for helping businesses create jobs, but not at the expense of the middle class and the poor.  The richest 1% ARE not clamoring for AND don’t need more tax breaks.  It’s time every Minnesotan pays their fair share to put this state back on track.  
We can do better… For our cities and towns:  cuts to LGA mean higher property taxes.  The current Republican majority cut the Homestead Market Value Credit.  That means we’re paying higher property taxes.  Another example of balancing the budget on the backs of those who can least afford it.
 We can do better…let’s continue the fight for civil justice and equality for all people……and we can start right here in Minnesota.  

We can do better, because we’ve been here before… We need to get back to the basics.  I believe the basics include what every Minnesotan used to enjoy: a job that support long term dreams, an affordable school for each child, a clean and healthy environment, equality for all, and a right to grow old with dignity.
We can do better…because every one of you will be with me from my first step away from this podium to the steps of the Capitol.  This is not about getting MY seat back.  This election is about getting OUR seat back.  We need a voice for the middle class.  And it will take a collective effort Democrats, Independents, disgruntled Republicans, and hard working middle class Minnesotans who want to make a difference.
Let’s re-elect President Obama, Let’s re-elect Senator Amy Klobuchar, Let’s take back the Minnesota House, Let’s take back the Minnesota Senate,  Let’s take back Minnesota!