I am committed to building an economy that works for every Minnesotan, not just the wealthy few. The average American CEO earns more before lunchtime in one day than a minimum wage worker earns all year.

We need a balanced approach to solving the budget deficit.  The answer is not simple.  We cannot simply raise taxes and ignore the struggling economy any more than we can merely cut taxes and ignore our future.   We can neither tax our way to economic recovery nor cut our way to prosperity.  Our existing sources of revenue and the allocation of resources need to be scrutinized.  Our strongest consideration must be targeted towards supporting our essential services.  Economic recovery and future growth will come only through proper investment in our infrastructure, our children, businesses, and protecting the middle class.
Nobody wants our state government to intrude on businesses that contribute to a healthy economy.  Our state needs to create incentives for those looking to start their own business and support those that are established assets in our communities.  It is time to rebuild our economy in a way that’s consistent with our values – an economy that rewards hard work and responsibility, not high-flying finance schemes; an economy that’s built on a stable foundation, not propelled by overheated housing markets and maxed-out credit cards. We should work to build an economy that offers broadly shared prosperity now and for the future.

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