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January 3rd Special Election

Kevin needs your vote! This election is too close to call. If you haven't voted yet, make it a priority now! If you need info on how to vote, click here. If you're interested in helping out getting out the vote, click here.

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Special Election January 3rd

The special election is on January 3, 2008 at locations thoughout District 25. Use the MN Secretary of State's website to find your polling place:


Below is a map that shows what cities and townships are a part of District 25, or you can download a PDF map:


Absentee Voting

You can vote by absentee ballot if you are:

For a great rundown of how to vote absentee in this election, see the League of Women Voters of Northfield's website: http://lwvnorthfieldmn.org/weblog/post/983/. We have summarized their basic points here. If you are eligible to vote absentee, you have three options. You can

  1. Apply for a ballot and mail it in. We don't recommend this because the holiday mailing rush might make it arrive after January 3 and then it wouldn't be counted.
  2. Have your absentee ballot delivered by proxy on election day. Apply for a ballot as if you would send it by mail and assign a proxy to turn it in for you on January 3.
  3. Vote in person before election day. Northfield residents can vote at Northfield City Hall, and all Rice County residents that reside in District 25 can vote absentee at the Rice County Auditor-Treasurer's Office in the Rice County Services building in Faribault.