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Together We can Make a Difference!

I believe in possibilities. I believe we can meet the challenges and maximize the opportunities that lay before us. What will break the people of Minnesota is not adversity – we’ve been here before…what will break our spirit is thinking that tomorrow is going to be just like yesterday. If we think that government cannot change that which is broken, we lose interest, we lose faith, we lose the people…but worst of all, we lose the future.

I am proud to be your voice in St. Paul!

Good representation begins with legislators who are willing to listen to constituents and tackle problems in a bipartisan way. Cooperation is sorely lacking in today’s political climate. Today’s politicians would rather vote their party platform than listen to those who voted them into office. We can do better. We can engage our constituents in a positive way. We can find a middle ground. We can craft solutions that work for the people of this great State.

We should all stand for something. We can be principled and passionate about our goals, our ideals, and our convictions. But good government cannot succeed if it is a government of shouting matches, stare-downs, and shutdowns. Good government can also be good politics.

Thank you for allowing me to represent you in the Minnesota legislature.

 Minnesota Senate District 20

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