My Philosophy

It's not about Democrats and it's not about Republicans.
It's about those who work for a living and it's about those who can't.

It's not about special interests and it's not about being photographed with the "right person."
It's about you and it's about them. It's about us.

It's not about winning an argument and it's not about publicity.
It's about those who wear work boots and it's about those who it has never been about.

It's not about our side and it's not about their side.
It's about fighting for what's right and correcting what's wrong.

It's not about pointing fingers and it's not about pounding podiums.
It's about getting fingernails dirty. It's about keeping it clean.

It's not about dreaming up excuses and it's not about waiting for others to give in.
It's about paving the way to dream and it's about never giving up.

It's not about the media and it's not about me.
It's about the citizens and it's about the state.

It's not about tradition and it's not about progress.
It's about respect for the past.

It's about what we can do now.
It's about our children's future.

But now more than ever... it's about time!


About me

My Bio

My children, Kally and Greenlee, in a Christmas pageant

Name: Kevin Dahle

Party: DFL

Residence: Northfield

Occupation: High School Teacher in the Northfield School District since 1993. Teaching since 1982. Social Studies and Driver Education

Age: 47

Family: Wife Beth, Children Kalista 8, Greenlee 5, Griffith 2

Education: BA University of Northern Iowa, MA in Education St. Mary's University, Winona, MN

Experience: I have taught Civics, Economics, Political Science, and Social Psychology for 23 years. I am currently President of the Northfield Education Association (for about 10 years), currently serve on the Council of Local Presidents for Education Minnesota, member of the Northfield Arts Guild, Northfield Historical Society, member of the United Methodist Church, worked with Citizens for Quality Education, active in several campaigns at local, state, and national level. I've been a liason to Ukraine with the United States Department of Education. While in Ukraine I worked with community and school leaders to teach civic education.

Priorities: Education, affordable health care, building working coalitions